Monday, March 9, 2015

D2L Tip: Quiz Preview

Any time you create a quiz in D2L, use the Preview function to review the quiz before making it available to students. Previewing allows you to view and take the quiz from the student perspective, giving you the opportunity to re-examine the accuracy of your questions, answers, and images.

This upfront investment of time will benefit you in the form of reduced emails and phone calls from concerned students and time saved by not having to resolve grading issues after the quiz is taken.

How to find the quiz preview function:
  •      Access the Quizzes link on the navigation bar in your D2L course.
  •      Click on the arrow to the right of any quiz name in the Quizzes list.
  •      Choose Preview from the dropdown menu.

  •      The quiz instruction page appears showing:
    1. The quiz details including the quiz period, time allowed and number of attempts allowed and taken,
    2. The standard instructions built into all D2L quizzes.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the button in the lower left. 

  • Confirm by pressing OK in the dialog box that appears on the screen.
  • Quiz questions then display to you—read the questions, select your answers, and press the SAVE button after each question—just as students are reminded to do.
  • Watch for errors such as typos, formatting, wording clarity, and presence and clarity of images in questions referring to diagrams, tables, or photos.
  • Make note of any errors you locate and correct them when you exit Preview mode.
  •  Submit your quiz; the quiz grade will display to you by default:
    1. Questions and answers will display only if you set up the default Submission View to allow students to immediately see questions and answers
    2. Make note of any problems or errors with the Submission Views (answer views) information so you may correct any errors
    3. Preview attempts are not saved so you won’t see this attempt in the list of student attempts; your score won’t appear in the D2L gradebook.

After you correct errors found during quiz previews, it’s important to preview again to verify that your corrections appear as you intend.

See the Faculty D2L Help Quizzes documentation for additional information about editing quizzes, modifying submission views, and more.

Tip provided by Roxie Muldoon

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