Monday, April 13, 2015

Dr. Jeff Vahlbusch on Scripts

A class script is a student produced summary, interpretation, and commentary on a class discussion. Each class period, one student is assigned the role of “scribe,” where they must document the class conversation, noting everything from who-says-what to specific references made to texts. Additionally, scribes are responsible for analyzing and synthesizing the discussion within the framework of the course. Dr. Jeff Vahlbusch, Department of Languages, speaks to his success with implementing scripts:

It works very well with courses that are heavy discussion. It’s almost an automatic flipped classroom in a way, where the learning goes on outside of class and then you deepen and extend it through conversation. Students get accredited for their contributions, and this reinforces the notion that everyone’s input is equally valued. In the end, you have a record not of what the professor thought the course was, but what it looked and sounded like from the student perspective, with all the commentary, humor, and acerbic asides included.  

Interview by: Jon Pumper 

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