Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dr. Lisa Quinn-Lee on Online Videos

Besides all conveniently starting with a “c,” cars, corn, and classes have something else in common: they are steadily becoming more and more hybrid (except maybe for corn, which has been a hybrid product for quite some time*).  A hybrid course can open up a lot of new teaching and learning opportunities that were not originally present in traditional face-to-face meetings. Dr. Lisa Quinn-Lee, Department of Social Work, shares her experience with hybrid courses and online videos:

I’m a big proponent of hybrid classes. I periodically switch a regular meeting day to online when I want to utilize a video that is difficult to grapple with or contains high-emotional content. As a professor of social work, this happens quite frequently. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from my students regarding this: students say that they are happy they were able to deal with the emotional content privately, stopping and starting the video on their own terms when it gets too difficult to watch. As an additional bonus for me, I don’t have to watch the video a million times! I have the students respond to the video on a D2L discussion board, which I think is extremely useful: students who aren’t as comfortable talking in class—either in general or with these more difficult subjects—are much more comfortable discussing in an online format, which generates a lot of rich, meaningful discussion.

To view some quick tips on setting up a blended/hybrid course, view University of Milwaukee’s resource page here.

*For more information on hybrid corn, view History of the US Industry Hybrid Corn here.

Interviewed by: Jon Pumper

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