Thursday, October 30, 2014

Teaching Tip: Dr. Maria DaCosta on Projects that Impact the Course.

Dr. Maria DaCosta, Department of Economics, discusses how she designs student projects to encompass diversity and create a meaningful impact on course content:

I ask the students to select the topics for the group projects. By doing that I am catering to their preferences and foundations. Each student is to submit up to three topics, and then I set up the groups, matching topic choices while taking into account the diversity of the group in terms of gender, major, background, and class performance. Then, I adjust the last part of the course content to reflect the group project topics, covering the topics that seemed to be of great interest more in depth and filling in the gaps where I see them. The final exam will have at least one or two questions based on each presentation, to reinforce the significance of these projects. 

Interviewed by: Jon Pumper

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